The success of a project is dependent upon the quality of the preliminary studies.

We have the skills and means in-house to carry out research studies and documentary analyses, to conduct 3D laser-scanning surveys, and to perform test probes.

Having perfected a method based on the centralisation of information, we are able to react rapidly with precise digital models to conduct diagnostics, feasibility studies, and tools to display 3D architectural models.

Our ability to assess risks and anticipate required actions regarding architectural, constructive, and statutory constraints is a genuine asset for our clients.

© Chatillon Architectes
© Chatillon Architectes


Since 1986 we have completed new-build projects in the fields of education, culture, and sport, as well as those of accommodation, services, and hospitality.

In the early 2000s, we specialised in the major refurbishment and restoration of heritage buildings, while nevertheless providing contemporary solutions to the projects.

Today, with the arrival in our team of young talents and our participation in national and international competitions, we offer contemporary designs for new-build projects, complete renovations, and extensions to existing buildings.


Our experience and our multi-disciplinary team arebehind our ability to manage large-scale redevelopment and renovation projects.

Our associates include architects skilled in project management, heritage architects, engineers, and site supervisors.

Our ability to direct all phases of complex operations is highly appreciated by even the most demanding of contractors.

© Antoine Mercusot
© Antoine Mercusot


We are known for our restoration of large architectural works, both historical and more recent.

All areas of expertise are represented within our team. This includes the Chief Architect of France’s historic monuments, François Chatillon; heritage architects and specialists in heritage constructions of the 20th century; as well as art historians, a stonemason, and a restorer of interior decoration.

We are currently working for the Ministry of Culture on the restoration of large French monuments such as the Grand Palais, the Arc de Triomphe, and the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, along with Château de Chambord and Verdun Cathedral.

We also undertake restoration projects outside of France, such as the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken in Brussels and the French Embassy in Lisbon, as well as projects for private clients.


Through our projects, we have demonstrated our ability to design high-calibre interiors.

We tailor our approach to our clients’ particular requirements, proposing either contemporary or moretraditional interiors; regardless of approach, precision and overall consistency are guiding principles.

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© Chatillon Architectes


Our visualisation and film studio creates images, videos, and virtual tours of professional quality.

The studio is equipped with 3D artists and cutting-edge technology.

Having a studio within the company allows our clients to have a fully realistic idea of the finished project and provides them with a useful communication tool of their upcoming projects.