Restoration works on the dome lanterns of the Château de Chambord

The works of the Château de Chambord aim at giving it back its triumphant identity through the restitution of a coherent decor on the dunjon's lanterns, which will give it back its symbolic strength. The restoration of the dome lanterns of the Château de Chambord represented both a heritage and safety issue. As part of the recovery plan, the Domaine National de Chambord was able to launch the construction works campaign. First, there was a need to quickly take care of the threatening infiltration risks, then, the goal was to recover the leadwork ornaments that were removed in the 1950’s. The six dome lanterns, of 15 tons each, are therefore being progressively restored since 2021 in order to achieve these major goals and to give back the lanterns their prestige of olden times.


© Antoine Mercusot / Courtesy Chatillon Architectes


© Chatillon Architectes